Baltic brands versus Baltic habits
Oct 09

Baltic brands versus Baltic habits

We are often told that people don’t change or they hardly change at all. And with all the “how to break bad habits” type of books out there, changing a habit seems to be the most challenging of tasks. However, when we look at the data on habits in the Baltics, it turns out habits do change over time and, what’s more, we are more unified in our Baltic habits than we might think.

From a large global brand’s perspective willing to enter the Baltic market, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are likely to be perceived as a homogenous bunch. We are eco-friendly, technologically advanced, comfort-seeking, somewhat introvert and oftentimes still conservative in our attitudes. This hypothetical global brand is likely to use a pan-Baltic marketing strategy without giving nuance too much thought. At the same time, us living inside of the Baltics, are often painting a different picture, blowing our Baltic differences out of proportion. What might we have in common with Lithuanians and Estonians?

So, in this panel on habits we addressed two themes – we asked brands operating in the Baltics to what extent we are unified in our habits and tried to find out if brands actually have the power to shift or shape habits. At the end of the day, a food delivery service, a waste management company, an airline and the world’s most famous furniture and interior goods producer surely must be leaving an impact on our everyday lives.

Which is why Ikea, Wolt, Airbaltic and Ecobaltia were represented in our panel on s Baltic level. Wolt and Ikea have the most recent experience in entering Baltic markets: Wolt has been conquering the Baltics in the past 3 years, while Ikea chose Estonia to be the world’s first country they have just entered digitally first. This was a chance to explore the strategic and tactical decisions that led to these moves and to find out what works and what doesn’t work in the Baltics.

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