Mar 14

100,000 participants join the Latvian team in the sortathlon!

100,000 participants join the Latvian team in the sortathlon!

We are delighted to announce that people in Latvia are increasingly shifting from simply getting wasted to recycling actual waste. Two years ago 45% of people in Latvia sorted their household waste, and now, with the help of loads of practice and passion, as well as the amazing teams at Latvijas Zaļais punkts (Green Dot) and Deep White communication agency we have managed to raise this figure to 56% (SKDS survey in 2016 and 2018).

Even though there is an entire sortathlon discipline with the name “lightweight waste”, recycling isn’t considered to be that light and easy. To raise awareness and ramp up motivation and passion, in 2017 we launched a new national sport – the Nationwide Sortathlon with a charismatic one-of-a-kind coach Victoria. Since then we have actively worked on our overall fitness – arranged real-life and online training sessions and got the Latvian national football team, politicians and opinion leaders involved. Victoria shared so much valuable advice and silly jokes that at one point, as proper influencers do, she needed her own vlog. This is how Victoria’s monoVlog was born. We interviewed people, took trips to recycling plants, answered popular questions and worries, explained recycling processes, shared sporting tricks and invited viewers to get involved in a month-long Facebook challenge.

Vislatvijas Šķiratlons, Case study from DDB Latvia on Vimeo.

To show that absolutely everything can be recycled we also started to recycle popular song lyrics and motivational quotes. But our toughest sporting challenge came from Jānis Skutelis, as he invited Victoria to do a short stand-up performance on his Midnight Show at Seven. How did it go? If you understand Latvian, you can see for yourself. Even if you don’t, you can still watch the video. 

As in any sport, training brings results. According to the SKDS survey, 57% of the public admit that information about sorting waste is now finally clear and available to everyone, 83% believe that recycling is important, and 55% associate it with Latvijas Zaļais punkts. But the most important achievement is 100,000 new people joining our sortathlon team. As the name hints, Victoria stops at nothing in her pursuit of victory, so we have every intention to get every single substitute bench, sofa and office chair all pumped up and recycling. But since sortathlon is very much a team sport, we’d like to thank our teammates, our fiery coach and every sortathlon athlete – beginners to veterans. Let’s keep on putting our efforts together to put waste separately!



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