Mar 14

30,000 new friends caught with Statoil’s Time catching game

With the approach of spring, refreshing breezes can not only be felt on the shelves lined with fresh produce, but also in the solutions which brands are offering to their followers. In February, Statoil launched its Time catching game on, offering its followers the chance to get an insight into the 24h life of a fuel station and catch valuable moments. The game was made unique by a collaboration with musician Imants Daksis who composed an original composition for this project entitled “A Song about Time”, which continues its independent existence on radio stations after the conclusion of the activity. Moreover, Statoil was the first to use the full screen app function recently officially launched on This allows players to enjoy this video-based game in a new degree of quality and has been the subject of countless positive reviews from the brand’s followers.

On its very first day, Statoil’s Time catching game immediately proved to be a big hit, attracting more than 10,000 new followers, and overall obtained a total of 30,000 new friends in just two weeks. This is an undeniable success story and confirms that brand lovers appreciate extra added value, quality and unusual solutions.

You should also catch some time!





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