Jun 29

Breakfast of Champions #36 Roadshow – Brands that Save the World

Breakfast of Champions #36 Roadshow – Brands that Save the World

For the first time in the history of Breakfast of Champions, we took to the road and served it in the unusual setting of the Conversation Festival LAMPA in Cēsis Castle Park, where our invited speakers could not only be heard by the attentive ears of our faithful business partners and friends, but also by any festival participant interested in the discussion subject “Are Brands Allowed to Save the World?”.

Moderated by DDB Strategic Director Anna Celmiņa, each discussion participant served up his opinion on the aforementioned subject. Among the champions in their fields that we invited to take part in the discussion were Rozā vilciens founder and the face of the Pupkultūra movement Zinta Uskale, businessman and Mobilly founder Normunds Bergs, Editor-in-Chief of Ir magazine Nellija Ločmele, LMT Marketing and Business Development Vice President Ingmārs Pūķis and Braingames founder and orchestrator of the I Want to Help Refugees movement Egils Grasmanis. Each speaker shared their experience of situations in which their respective brand has played the role of “saviour”, as well as their offering their opinion about whether it is ethical in brand communication to refer to good works done for the benefit of society. For example, Mobilly CEO Normunds Bergs believes that praiseworthy initiatives by brands are bound to find a receptive audience in any case, because of the power of word-of-mouth advertising, thus negating the need for huge advertising campaigns. Moreover, in Bergs’ opinion, companies solely and only perform these activities for business purposes or in the name of altruistic egoism.

Parallel to the discussion, on DDB’s Instagram account, we also invited the discussion audience to share their vies on the question of whether brands should not only function within the confines of their direct task, but also as the driving force behind the attainment of higher goals: 86% of voters were of the opinion that brands should comment on salient issues in politics and society.

Ultimately, our breakfast proved to be both filling and memorable with insightful grains of wisdom dispensed not only by our speakers, but also by members of the public who were in attendance. Thank you to our discussion participants for finding the time to be with us and to the large number of gourmands who made up the audience!

You can watch the whole Breakfast of Champions discussion at the LAMPA festival here.



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