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For the First Time, the Top Brands Chart also Lists the Most Humane Brands

For the First Time, the Top Brands Chart also Lists the Most Humane Brands

This year’s Top Brands awards ceremony was held on 3 October at the Daile Music Hall in the style of The Midnight Show by Jānis Skutelis. As usual, the ceremony congratulated Latvia’s most powerful and respected brands. This year the Top Brands Chart was taken to the next level with two new categories: the Most Humane Brands Chart and the Top 100 Instagram Influencers Chart, which lists Latvia’s most influential Instagram stars.

This year Latvia’s residents deemed Swedbank, Inbox and Rimi to be the most loved domestic brands. Meanwhile, the most loved foreign brands were identified as Google, WhatsApp and Facebook. The Grand Prix was awarded to the delicious brand Kārums, which succeeded in attaining the best result after data from all the categories evaluated in the public survey of Top Brands had been collated. Hot on the heels of the winning brand were Lido and Rimi.

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This year for the first time, in collaboration with All Media Baltics, the Most Humane Brands Chart was compiled, which is particularly appropriate as this corresponds with the mood of Latvia’s centenary celebrations. First place in the chart and the status of the most socially responsible company was won by Latvijas Valsts meži. Meanwhile, the honour of finishing second and third in this category was awarded to Swedbank and LMT respectively. The most humane brands were identified in a survey of the general public, in which members of the public were asked to evaluate to what extent the relevant brand is responsible for bringing about positive changes within society. All the winners are companies that have demonstrated long-term support for fields of major importance to the country and its people, such as the environment, education, business development and sport.

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Latvia’s Top Influencers’ Chart was determined by the Italian company ModelTag.  Latvia’s Top 5 Instagram Influencers are: Kristaps Porziņģis (@kporzee), Laura Ķīse (@laurlaacis), Mairis Briedis (@mairisbriedis), Niklāvs Mičulis (@niklavs) and Renārs Zeltiņš (@renarszeltins). The value of each influencer’s entries was determined based on the engagement of followers and active accounts. The resulting value was compared with traditional media costs. For example, the value of an entry by chart winner Kristaps Porziņģis is EUR 5,040 in Latvia and EUR 28,000 globally.

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This year the top 3 brands in the Greenest Brands Chart, which was compiled in collaboration with Latvijas Zaļais punkts, were deemed to be Latvijas Valsts meži, Tesla and Seal. For the fastest improvement in the greenest brands category a special award was awarded to Rasa.

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In the Most Unique Domestic Brands category, first place was awarded to Rīgas Melnais Balzams, which over the decades has succeeded in retaining its position as a special brand in consumers’ eyes. In turn, among foreign brands, for a second year in a row the winner is YouTube. In terms of quality, among local brands, the highest standards are set by Lāči bakery, which was deemed to be the best quality domestic brand. Meanwhile, among foreign brands, for the second consecutive year the benchmark for quality was set by Nike. However, when it comes to the best formula for setting prices, the biggest expert was deemed Depo, which consumers recognised as this year’s best value brand.

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In cooperation with HTTPool, we are also continuing to determine the identity of Latvia’s most influential brands on social media. Riga City Council, airBaltic and the State Police were identified as the most successful Twitter brands, while Delfi, the LTV News Service and la.lv were deemed to be the post powerful media brands on Twitter. Meanwhile, AirBaltic, Mans LMT and Swedbank were deemed to be the most influential brands on the LinkedIn platform.

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The Latvian Startup Brand Top was created in collaboration with Accenture Latvia. With the help of a competent jury, we evaluated and ranked the country’s most competitive startups. This year the winner was print-on-demand platform Printify. Second place went to blockchain game reward engine Monetizr, and third place was awarded to Mintos - a peer-to-peer lending platform.

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It should be noted that with every passing year, digital device brands are occupying an increasing number of prized spots on the Top Brand Chart, which testifies to the fact that the Latvian population is becoming increasingly open to technologies and has a growing appreciation for the benefits they offer.

This was the 14th year in which Latvia’s Best Loved Brands were identified, thanks to the collaboration between DDB Consulting and RAIT Custom Research Baltic and using the DDB Brand Capital™ research methodology that’s utilised in 30 countries. Over the years, the Top Brands Chart has become an important frame of reference when it comes to reflecting consumer attitudes and lifestyles.

You can find out more about the Top Brands Chart in the October edition of Kapitāls magazine, which is also available in a digital version. You can check out photos from the event and all the winners, as well as the interactive charts at: zimolutops.lv.



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