Dec 12

Happiness Lies in Your Own Hands

Happiness Lies in Your Own Hands

Every year LMT encourages not only the gifting of phones, but also the gifting of festive cheer. This Christmas we upheld our tradition of adapting Latvian literary stories, but we did so in a unique way - through the medium of shadow theatre. We chose Andrejs Upītis’ work ‘The Boys of Moss Town’, because of its message, which is - you don’t need to wait for the so-called Happiness Bear to arrive when you can look within instead.

For New Year’s Eve we melt tin into figures and read astrological prophecies in order to predict our future, so this seemed an appropriate story. We wanted people to take their future and happiness into their own hands. If happiness is indeed in our hands, we shouldn’t keep them idly tucked into our pockets. Which is why we pulled them out and created every single shape imaginable. That’s how we produced the first ever Latvian shadow music video and these unique shop window shadow designs.


Our phone is the one thing we keep in our hand every single day, and it’s up to us decide how we use it. Do we absentmindedly scroll through social media or do we create something new? That’s the bigger question we wanted to pose through the campaign.

We wholeheartedly believe that happiness lies in the process, not just the end result. And we had an incredibly satisfying creative process thanks to our   talented, energetic collaborators - LMT and VERY FILMS. Thanks to them we were able to combine our skills and create a video that exceeded expectations. We also had the pleasure of having composer Reinis Sējāns bring our story to life, and singers Nauris Brikmanis and Adriana Miglāne elevate it to the next level. The shadow techniques were no easy feat so we enlisted a super team - choreographer Liene Grava and her professional dancers, the RTU cheerleading squad, the new generation of actors and finally creative heavyweight and mime Dzintars Krūmiņš of Dauka Studio and Ansis Rūtentāls Motion Theatre. We’d like to thank everyone involved in the project, especially director Mārtiņš Sudrabs and his better half - Madara.

We’re not going to share our results this time, because the spreading of happiness can’t be measured in likes, shares or comments (thank God!). May you all have a joyous, creative and productive 2019!



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