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A ceremony was held at the Palladium concert hall last night to honour the most loved brands in Latvia in 2014. Ten years have passed since the list of the favourite brands was first assembled. Over the course of time, the process has expanded, and now it is the list of the most loved brands in the Baltic States.

In looking back at the past decade, it is clear that there have been fundamental changes in consumer habits, lifestyles and attitudes.  “Can you imagine that in 2004, only 15% of the people of Latvia had Internet access and that for the most part the Internet only lived in office computers?” That is an example cited by DDB executive director Andris Rubīns. You can watch a video of his presentation here.

In honour of the 10th anniversary of the programme, Graham Hales, global marketing director for the Interbrand company, home to the world’s most prestigious list of the Best Global Brand, attended the event with a lecture, “Marketing in Age of You.” For the first time, in partnership with the portal, the awards ceremony could be watched live. 1,500 people did so.

Many of this year’s winners have been on the top 10 list for years. Google and Inbox have held leadership positions for several years in a row. Rimi stores took 3rd place on the list this year, followed by Laima,, Maxima, Skype, Swedbank, Depo and then Nokia. The “Most Unique Brand” award went to the Lāči company, the “Highest-Quality Brand” prize was won once again by Nike, and Supernetto was declared to be the “Most Advantageous Brand.” The magazine Kapitāls offered its special “Most Rapidly Growing Brand” award to Radio Latvia 1. The GfK research agency presented its “Brand with Potential” award to Hercogs, and PHD Latvia awarded the “Most Courageous Brand” status to AirDog.

“A vivid thing in 2014 was that people increasingly choose to collect experience, not products,” DDB strategic director Edgars Pētersons said at the conference in discussing this year’s trends. “Brands must be able to attract client interest with stories that talk to them, as opposed to self-praise. That is seen in the fact that nearly all brands have lost loyal clients. Only 19 of the 335 companies that are analysed for the purposes of the most-beloved brand process have managed to increase their numbers of loyal clients.” Edgars’ presentation can be seen here.

The list of the most beloved brands is put together by DDB Latvia in partnership with the GfK Custom Research Baltic company and the magazine Kapitāls. If you have questions about the list or want your own brand to be analysed in greater depth, please contact the director of DDB Consulting, Edgars Pētersons.



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