Apr 11

LMT launches new brand identity

LMT launches new brand identity

There are jobs and there are big jobs. There are also huge jobs. And then there’s the change in LMT brand identity. Six months is quite a long period in Latvia’s advertising industry. But it’s exactly how much time was needed.

A change in a brand’s graphic identity can come about for a number of reasons – taste, management or reputation can change... It was important for LMT to announce changes in the company’s business strategy and in its relationships with its audience.

Almost the whole agency works on a project of that size. The coordination of work and opinions is of critical importance. DDB Latvia Strategic Director Edgars Pētersons says: “We breached the strange division of the “creative” versus the “rational”, the “agency” versus the “customer”, which also allowed us to reach a high quality result. We involved a wide range of representatives from LMT, design, strategy and project management teams in all stages of the project. The office which was allocated to us, DDB Latvia, in the building at Ropažu iela 6 for the duration of the project, was like a symbol of this cooperation.”

Commenting upon the changes LMT Vice-President, Marketing and Business Development, Ingmārs Pūķis says: "Even the very best things have their useful lifetime; even brand has a lifespan which is closely linked to changes in the world around it. Our biggest challenge was to choose the right moment and way to announce that the time has come for the next stage of the company’s development. Nobody can say for sure how much time was spent in 24/7 mode during the past six months engaged in brainstorms, discussions and strategic planning. The result is outstanding - as a brand LMT has gained a huge charge of energy, and as a company - the conviction that, together with our partner agencies DDB Latvia and Nords Porter Novelli, we can genuinely achieve everything, because we think and dare to act."

Edgars explains LMT brand’s new guidelines. "In the short version they include the mission, uniqueness and values. The challenge of accelerating a person’s path from actions to deeds was defined as the company’s mission. Uniqueness – to do one’s best, as we are in this together, investing in the people of Latvia. Values – to inspire everyone with real examples and to ensure cooperation, development and enthusiasm. The new identity and the declaration “Think - Do” is the encapsulation of these guidelines which draw attention to LMT attitude and the work which needs to be done."

We asked Jānis Birznieks, the DDB Design Team Leader and author of LMT new logo, for the story behind it: “If the capital “M” was previously highlighted, then the word “Mobilais” has nowadays lost its magic and is self explanatory. Now, in creating the new image, we’re highlighting the word “Latvija”, sketching a symbol in which the four cultural historical regions symbolise each one of us and our diversity. The challenge was to make this feeling of being local acceptable to those from other backgrounds and to an audience of diverse ages. We left the main colour codes to help with recognition, as a legacy from the previous logo which had served for 20 years. For the writing of the LMT name (which is not subject to orthographic rules), we created a combination of small letters with the aim of making it friendlier, more relaxed and more our own. There’s a reference here to the internet and e-mail as well, which is taking up more and more of the company’s field of activity.”

Brand Image Campaign Creative Director Vairis Strazds admits that "the filming project for the LMT image clip was the most comprehensive in which I’ve taken part, in terms of its realisation, as well as in terms of the work challenge. Our ambition was to create the most powerful image clip  in the history of Latvia’s telecommunication industry, and the responses from people prove that we’ve done a good job. For the first time we’ve heard so many unsolicited and markedly positive opinions about an advertisement, so it must be working." You can watch the video about how the image clip was made too.

A new LMT home page was announced with the change in identity. Applications inviting people to vote for what has most inspired them – whether it’s our sportspeople, social initiatives for conserving Latvia’s environment or achievements in Latvian science, or something else completely, were developed for the draugiem.lv and facebook.com portals. We invite you to get involved and vote too! 

It seems like these two words are needed by all of us. Think – Do.





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