Dec 15

Look the road in the eye!

Look the road in the eye!

It’s not easy to convince folks that using a phone while driving a car is terribly dangerous. Many people feel that they can type an SMS and drive a car just as easily as they can walk and chew gum, but the fact is that our eyes cannot do several things at once – either they’re focused on the road, or they’re focused on the screen.

75% of drivers in Latvia admit that they sometimes use a mobile phone when behind the wheel, and 20% do so frequently. To encourage people to think about this, DDB Latvia has produced a new campaign for the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) to use a simple, but powerful analogy in terms of looking your partner in conversation in the eye.  If people forgive such not particularly polite behaviour, then the road is not prepared to discuss it. It has no mercy at all.

Watch the campaign video to find out that this is true. The video would not be as powerful without the skilful team of director Roberts Kuļenko, cameraman Jānis Eglītis and the Film Angels Studio.

Road Traffic Safety Department / Look the road in the eye from DDB Latvia on Vimeo.

Those who enjoy more exciting emotions can use the virtual reality environment to find out what happens if you turn your focus away from the road for even a moment. Virtual reality stands are available at several LMT client centres, ERGO branch offices, and the CSDD offices.

Let’s wish ourselves and others #lookingattheroadintheeyes. 



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