Nov 23

Mairis Briedis Wins… the Hearts of Tourists in Riga!

Mairis Briedis Wins… the Hearts of Tourists in Riga!

Live Riga’s newest instalment in the ‘Insider’s Guide to Riga’ series features boxing champion Mairis Briedis and has already won the hearts of many tourists. With over 523 500 views it’s safe to say Mairis is a social network heavyweight.

In the video, Mairis takes the viewer through the streets of Riga and reveals a side of him that’s quite surprising. You probably didn’t know that he’s not only a boxing champion, but also a policeman. In the clip he arrests some atypical criminals using rather unorthodox methods.

The short film with Mairis is the tenth and final part of the award-winning ad series. We guarantee that in it you’ll see Riga in a completely new light. Previously, tennis star Alona Ostapenko also acted as a private guide, together with the outgoing physics teacher, eccentric birdwatcher, wine-loving priest and other colourful characters. These videos have been awarded at Cannes with the coveted Golden Dolphin. They’re the product of a collaboration between Live Riga, DDB and director Jānis Nords.

Altogether, the ten films have gathered 7 million views, as well as 50 000 reactions and comments.

Watch the film and let yourself be charmed by Mairis!



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