Nov 13

Riga has got the best tourism video in the world

Riga has got the best tourism video in the world

In a competition of 500 tourism short films that took place in Austria’s capital, Vienna, the Live Rīga short film series “Insider’s guide to Riga” received the highest recognition in the form of the award for the world’s best tourism film, GRAND PRIX CIFFT 2019.

The title of the World’s Best Tourism Film of the Year was decided according to the places, and thus points, obtained over the course of the year at each of the festivals organised by the International Tourism Film Festival Committee. Overall, this year, the “Insider’s Guide to Riga” short film series won awards at 10 festivals, of which four were Grand Prix, four were gold awards, accompanied by two silvers and one bronze.

We produced the short film series in collaboration with the Riga Tourism Development Bureau and director Jānis Nords. In these short films, various colourful stars and sports stars share their unusual perspectives of Riga including boxer Mairis Briedis, tennis star Jeļena Ostapenko, a party-loving physics teacher, birdwatcher, modern clergyman, cultural taxi drivers, women’s lifestyle blogger, freethinking senior citizen and a passionate captain. In turn, in the latest series, the “Runner’s Guide to Riga”, we highlight Rigans’ passion for running and the Rimi Riga Marathon.

On YouTube and Facebook, the clips in the series have been watched by almost 8 million people all over the world. The success of the series is also confirmed by the tourism data for 2017 and 2018 – Latvia recorded the fastest growth of all European Union countries during the past 25 years in hotels and other tourism accommodation.

The new title and short film series continue to spread Riga’s good reputation, so we’re confident that we can continue to expect great interest among tourists in future!



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