Dec 03

Rimi’s ‘A Better Life’ Proves Simplicity is Key

Rimi’s ‘A Better Life’ Proves Simplicity is Key

There are only three truly ‘sticky’ things in the world - scotch tape, chewing gum and a catchy song. And all of these things can now be found at Rimi. Together we created the catchiest tune of the season - Rimi’s ‘A Better Life’. No one’s been able to get it our their head and we’re sure we’ll hear it on Christmas Eve as well.

If you live under a rock and haven’t heard it yet, you can check it out here. Warning: after hearing the song, you’ll think of it every time you look at the list of a product’s ingredients.

But catchiness is not the most important aspect of the song. Actually, it’s the message, which is based on a wonderful health initiative. Rimi has analyzed all of their products and higlighted the ones that help you live a healthier life. In other words, Rimi has deciphered all those compliciated scientific terms and distilled them into the simple ‘A Better Life’ product line.

This makes the shopping experience considerably easier, because you no longer have to read the back of the packaging. If you see the green sign, you know the product will be free from ‘E’s and all the other dangerous letters.

A little bit about the facts. The song has been viewed more than 400 000 times on Youtube and the number keeps on growing. The like button has been generously pushed as well by at least 2000 people. Facebook is the same, and around 1500 people have shared it with their friends. Basically, the song became so popular we had to put it on Spotify as well.

And last, but not least… the thank yous.

We want to really thank our courageous client for taking a risk and allowing the song to see the light of day.

And an equally large thanks to our collaborators - musical author Valters Osis, the clip’s protagonists Kristīne Pāže and Kozmens, sound director Silvestrs Zemgals and Didzis Bardo, and our dearest VERY FILMS, who made the song visually appealing.

And finally - thanks to the thousands of positive comments that give the project a sweet aftertaste.



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