Dec 14

This Christmas Give Your Presence, Not Presents

This Christmas Give Your Presence, Not Presents

In recent years, the winter holidays have become synonymous with mass consumption. But we believe that a large pile of presents will never replace the greatest gift you can truly give your loved ones - your presence. Which is why we teamed up with airBaltic to deliver this important message.

Our story is about a girl, a boy and a few well aimed paper planes. We see them grow up, fall in love and graduate. Then their paths diverge as the girl makes her way to Paris. But come Christmas time, the beautiful Champs-Élysées decorations make her homesick. How does their story end? Check out the full video below.

Thank you to and director Jānis Nords for a great collaboration. And thank you to our partner airBaltic for flying us out to Paris. It was a truly magical shoot.



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