Mar 13



Breasts are on television, in advertising, films and magazines. We love looking at them and we love standing out with them. Everyone has breasts and they are captivating! At the same time, breast health is still taboo. We want to change this so that looking after breasts becomes part of our daily life and culture. Therefore DDB Latvia and the “Rozā vilciens” (Pink Train) charitable foundation have created the movement #PUPKULTŪRA (like pop culture, but ‘pupi’ is a slang term for boobs).

The movement not only invites everyone to take care of their breasts, but also to make donations in support of those breasts which currently require the most support. This way, we give women with breast cancer the opportunity to visit a psychotherapist and to undergo physiotherapy which helps them a great deal during their recovery. Last year, 150 women received therapy, but this year, if we join forces and our euros, we can help 300 women.

And we believe we’ll succeed, because #PUPKULTŪRA is spreading rapidly. We launched it at the AAL Carnival with Latvia’ s biggest installation of breasts, which carnival goers queued up to be photographed next to before sharing the photos on social media. We continued with the slogan “Look after what you love” and outdoor ads that attracted the attention of drivers and passers-by. In addition, donation boxes were installed at Rimi supermarkets. The #PUPKULTŪRA fan community was joined by Latvia’s popular influencers, the Midnight Show at Seven with Jānis Skutelis and Women’s stand-up. Meanwhile, social network users have enthusiastically adopted the hashtag #PUPKULTŪRA and are publishing it together with images in which they see breasts.

And that’s not all! We just launched an impressive collection of #PUPKULTŪRA T-shirts and accessories, with designs by Otto Zitmanis, Ritums Ivanovs and other artists. By buying the collection’s T-shirts and accessories, you will definitely stand out from the crowd as well as donating EUR 5 to women with breast cancer. You can also donate EUR 1.42 by calling 90006485. Join #PUPKULTŪRA, because you too have two (.)(.) outstanding reasons!




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