May 20

We’re Boosting Friendly Energy with a New Series

We’re Boosting Friendly Energy with a New Series

In partnership with Elektum, DDB has launched a fun new household advertising series, A House Full of Friendly Energy, which has resided on bigger and smaller screens for a while now, in order to communicate an important message to people – day to day, you can safely rely on Elektrum energy, leaving you with more time to devote to other stuff that really matters to you! In future, interesting new characters including knowledge-hungry Vacuum Cleaner, sensible Fridge, smart Computer, gallant Iron and others will tell you about various energy-related subjects and Elektrum services. They’ll provide answers to questions about energy that will be of interest to both current and potential Elektrum customers.

After a long, responsible and careful process of casting the leading characters with the help of Jauda Studio, we’ve selected and created the ideal team of Elektrum actors, whose task it is to bring your home to life at times when its residents are out and about. We won’t deny that we’ve been inspired by the well-known animation film Toy Story in adapting situations to the specifics of Elektrum’s services and topical subjects. Every character has been given its own special nature both in relation to its specific role as well as in creating the overall mood. Therefore, if you see some less than serious gadgets dealing with various serious everyday situations, then you know – they’re ours. Nurtured, brushed, polished and energised! 



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