Wellcome home! +

Wellcome home!

Statoil initiative: "Wellcome home!"

Want to come home?
Do you know languages?
Come and work in Statoil!

The aim of this campaign was to facebook.com users, Statoil Latvia followers and their friends abroad, to invite them to come back home and work at Statoil Fuel & Retail business centre.
Campaign was launched in order not only to recruit new staff for Statoil Fuel & Retail, who would be willing to work and knowledgable in any of Scandinavian languages, but also, to invite Latvians abroad, to come back home.

  • Client
    Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia
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DDB latvia
Brīvības 40, Rīga, LV 1019, Latvia
+ 371 67288265
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