#Nokermani (Catch me) +

#Nokermani (Catch me)

Statoil : #Nokermani (Catch me)

Museum night is one of the biggest annual festivals in Latvia - during last year 2012, more than 280'000 people visitted exhibitions and installations shown in Riga during this night.
This year this magical time was shared by launch of Statoil Latvia new #MadeToGo product - hot baguette.

During Museum night, we asked people in Riga, who wanted to taste this new snack, to find #Nokermani agents, take a picture with them and upload the photo on their social media accounts, adding a hashtag #Nokermani (Catch me).
Once done, gourmand was given a coupon, which he could use in any of Statoil Latvia fuel stations to get his free hot baguette.

The aim of the campaign was to reach bigger attention of the public inside and outside of social media, present the new product of #MadeToGo, and encourage people to spread the message of the hot baguette with their friends and followers.



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